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How our ordering system works:-

Stocked Orders: – Where we are stocking items the quantities of what we have in stock are shown against the item. If the item is showing 0 quantity then you can use the pre-order coded item so you know you will guaranteed the product as soon as we receive it. We shall be placing weekly orders with our main suppliers to keep waiting times down and consistency to our supply chain. There will be times when the suppliers are unable to supply the products due to the worldwide demand but we will keep our customers up to date via our newsletter as soon as we know.

Pre-Order items:- These items are items that are available but we do not stock. By pre-ordering you will get a slightly better price as a “thank-you” for placing your order with us and being patient with us until the goods arrive. We will be placing orders for these items very regularly and the waiting time we hope (subject to availability and customer clearance) will be no longer than 4 weeks from the date you order, we do hope however it will be far quicker than that

Customers who place pre-orders know that there will be a wait and we would ask that these items only be pre-ordered if there is no immediate rush for the products or you are likely to cancel within 4 weeks as these goods will be ordered specifically for you.