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Thank you for taking a look at our website. We offer a wide range of good quality products at competitive prices. We also have a craft store you can visit in King’s Lynn where we host craft classes and workshops. Find out more about what happens in our King’s Lynn shop.

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Before you Order please read this notice…

We are aware that some of our customers, especially our new visitors, seem to be very disgruntled at the fact we are out of stock of items that they have purchased so we would like to clarify a few points as to how we operate…

  • We sell from multiple selling points which makes stock control impossible to manage however we do place very regular orders with our suppliers to ensure a steady flow of deliveries are made to us to keep our customers happy and not waiting too long.
  • We are committed to providing good customer service and experience so if you are in urgent need of items then please call us on 01553 770807 and speak to one of our team to get answers to your questions.
  • In the event you order and we are out of stock we will contact you by email to inform you. You will then be given the option of a refund or you can leave the items on back order for when we receive them. We will point out at this stage that our American Suppliers are struggling, in the main, to keep up with worldwide demand of their products and they are not supplying us with our full order requests as they are out of stock themselves or their supply time is longer than it used to be. We are only as good as the supply we are given but rest assured we are continually ordering the products from each supplier. If you decide to keep the items on back order they will be dispatched as quickly as we can once we receive them… WE NEVER TAKE YOUR MONEY AND HOLD ON TO IT WITHOUT CHECKING WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO.
  • We feel your frustrations as we love sending out products when they are ordered plus its costs us in postage as we normally part supply orders which we bear the cost of. If you are feeling frustrated or angry please remember this but always be courteous to our staff who are always willing to help and work with you.
  • Finally we do not have an endless pot of money and to be able to offer a wide range of products at very cost effective prices (its hard having bricks and mortar overheads when competing against web only businesses) we have to be sensible on where we order and what we order. We always try our best sometimes due to poor demand we are unable to be the best but we always care and always will.

Your custom is valued and appreciated but never taken for granted which is why we strive to be efficient and effective at all times!

Thank you

Natalie xxx

Voucher Codes – Terms and Conditions

  • Each code is single use only unless specified at the time of launch
  • Each code expires at the due date specified
  • Once an order is placed NO additional items can be added
  • Existing orders cannot be cancelled and then re-ordered using a different code
  • Sprinkle Twinkle reserve the right to disallow any customer who abuses the code or terms from using any future codes
  • We cannot guarantee that items will be in stock at the time of order
  • Sale items and machines are always excluded from code purchases
  • Where possible we will give an indication when we would hope to expect the goods to arrive – this is a guide only.