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Thank you for taking a look at our website. We offer a wide range of good quality products at competitive prices.

REFUNDS – Any refund requests could take up to 7 – 10 working days and will be processed in date order

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How we will operate online:

Stocked Products:

When we receive our orders from suppliers these will feature under the “IN STOCK” brand. Once we have sold our of these items they will be removed from the website until we get them replaced. You can however pre-order these items, under the pre-order code/section so you are assured to receive them as soon as we get them. Stocked items shall generally be the latest releases from each brand that we choose to stock.

Coming Soon:

These items will be the products that we have on order with a supplier and will be soon arriving to us. These products will feature immediately we have placed the order to allow customers the chance get their orders in to receive them as soon as we do. On our system thew quantities we have ordered will be held online so once they have sold out you can then pre-order to ensure you get them the next time we do! In the event a supplier cant supply any of the items we have have ordered we shall make customers aware immediately and you will be offered the chance to have a refund or leave them on order until we next receive them. We will not be carrying huge quantities of each products as trends and new releases are so regular so be quick and order to avoid disappointment.

Pre-Order Items:

Due to the high range of products from each supplier it is impossible for us to stock every one mainly due to space, however we will make every product that is available to us, available to you via pre-order. These goods are sold at a slightly lower price due to the fact you will know there is a wait but the wait should be no more than 4 weeks, subject to everything going to plan. To confirm unless the product you want is under “In Stock” or “Arriving Soon” the goods will be pre-ordered on the first Monday after you’ve placed the order.
We can confirm that we have been working closely with suppliers old and new to explain how we are now going to operate and how we need their co-operation to make our customer supply chain more efficient. We will now be placing orders with our large supplier weekly where there is enough orders or fortnightly at the worst case scenario. Any orders place from Saturday to the following Friday will make up the next order for week to week ordering from suppliers.

To find the products…

Go to Brands – In Stock or Arriving Soon – Start shopping!


Where refunds are requested these will be made up to 7 days after the request has been agreed.

Anyone who cancels an order CANNOT re-order should the product be at a lower price, in this event the order will be immediately cancelled and refunded in full.

Any customer who cancels an order that has benefitted from promotional codes may lead to future orders with codes being cancelled

Why we quote 4-6 weeks delivery for pre-order items:

When we place our order the usual pick time from the supplier is anything from 3-10 days (sometimes longer when a new release is due out) – Allow 10 days for picking

Goods to be delivered into customs UK – 3-7 days

Goods to be custom cleared – this can take weeks but we hope no longer than 7 days if the correct paperwork has been attached to the shipment from the supplier

Goods delivered to our address – This can take 2-3 days from leaving customs depending on when it is released.

Once we receive it we have to check all the stock, enter the delivery on our system and then pick and pack the items before shipping them out.

This is the worst case scenario but to answer the questions of many we felt a little explanation and breakdown is better for people to understand and realistically we hope for days rather than weeks as time moves on.